Services & Prices

Membership: Free.

Virtual office:

  • Physical postal address, business domiciliation, mail forwarding or scanning to email.
  • Service subscription $65.00 per month, minimum 3 months.
  • Mail forwarding or scanning to email: $2.00 per unit, excluding postage when applicable.
  • First month free with annual subscription.

Virtual office with telephone service:

  • $85 per month, plus $2.00 per message or order.
  • Minimum 3 months.

Telephone service only, without virtual office:

  • $40 per month, plus $2.00 per message or order.

We do not charge for error calls or unwanted calls from callcentres.

Deposit for postage: $100. Unused deposit will be refunded at the end of the service subscription.

Conditions: All payments in advance by Paypal or bank transfer.

Indicative exchange rates for Danish kroner:
DKK 100 is USD 17 , GBP 10, EUR 13,50