Setting up business in Europe

Denmark as the gateway to European markets

When your business is based outside Europe, and you are planning a strategy to enter the EU market, the small Kingdom of Denmark, should be a jurisdiction to consider.

Denmark is rated the most business friendly jurisdiction in Europe by World Bank.

For test marketing before you enter the large European market, a small jurisdiction, population 5.65 million, is cost effective. The population is highly educated, 99% literacy, more than 95% have Internet access, among the highest percentage in the European Union.  Danish business people are accustomed to doing business abroad, and we have close cultural connections with our neighbour countries.

And, depending on your situation, there may be tax advantages. Danish corporate tax rates are being reduced, from 24,5% in 2014, to 23.5 in 2015 and 22% in 2016. Danish holding companies are normally tax exempt in dividends and capital gains in its subsidiaries.  A simplified registration for sales tax throughout Europe is now possible.

Needless to say, Denmark has an excellent reputation for quality products, design and advanced technology, which would benefit your business, if you choose to set up a subsidiary in Denmark.

Contact us at The Business Club at an early stage of your planning, we can assist you with introduction to advisers and authorities, and offer you a cost effective company domicile in Southern Denmark.

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