I need the address now, how long will it take before I can get started?

Answer: Once you have received a confirmation from us, usually the same day or within 24 hours after you submit scanned documents by email.

Which documents do you require?

Answer: Proof of identity i.e. passport, as well proof of address: Copy of utility bill or fixed line telephone bill. For a company we require a transcript of the company registry and proof of identity for the beneficiaries, if more than one beneficiary. That is sufficient if the objective is market research. To conduct business in Denmark, we can assist you with further formalities.

If the address is official?

Answer: Yes, once you have got confirmation from us, you can use the address as the Registered Office or its official address upon registration with the (Danish company registry) tax etc. We can assist you or refer a local lawyer if you wish to register a Danish company or branch.

How does the phone service work?

Answer: If you order phone service, you can forward your business calls to us when you need it If you require a Danish number, we can use a provider where you have a dedicated business phone number with call forwarding. Subscription and conversations are charged directly.

How do I pay?

Answer: In Denmark via online banking or by Sepa transfer, or from abroad by Sepa transfer or Paypal. Prepayment, minimum 3 months. We currently offer. one month free with annual prepaid subscription. You receive an invoice from us before you pay.


What rules and registrations apply to business in Denmark?

Answer: When you do business in Denmark, you need to know the relevant public authorities and competent actors. you can learn more HERE.

Please contact us if you have any questions …