Why is a virtual office a good alternative?

thebusinessclub-logoVirtual offices are very popular as they offer both companies and private persons a wide range of useful business services. In comparison to setting up a fully staffed office in a different country, it is less complicated, offer a lot of flexibility and will cost much less.

The virtual office will offer you a business address whereto business and private correspondance can be sent and then processed according to your instructions. The mail can be forwarded to the address in your own country or scanned and forwarded to you by email, by fax or you can pick it up yourself if you wish. The virtual office can also arrange to send out correspondance for you according to your needs.

You can also get your own local telephone number and calls redirected to your own phone number or answered by a secretary, who will answer the calls in your company name, take messages and orders in the local language and then forward them to you via email, mail or phone.

With the virtual office, you will have a real business address with a name plate that will be displayed at the address and according to your instructions, staff will hand out your business cards or brochures when your customers call or visit the location.

One of the biggest advantages is that the staff speak the local language. Normally selling to the public in a foreign country can be very complicated. Not only will many customer hesitate to contact you if you are not in their country, when they have pre-sale questions or need support. They may not speak your language, you do not speak their language or they are hesitate to communicate in French, German or even English. The local virtual office staff can communicate with those customers according to your instructions, forward messages to you in your language and then reply back to the customers in the local language.

You reduce risk. By using a domicile address as means to establish a identity in a foreign country, you are able to tap into the local market, test you service or product on the market and develop a niche without all the associated business risks. With the virtual office you do not only bridge possible language barriers but also any cultural barriers, as the business culture can be very different than you are used to.

Setting up a fully staffed office in a foreign country can be risky and expensive, which means this may not be an option for small and newly established companies. If you consider establishing a identity in a EU country, you are likely to find a skilled workeforce, educated population, a stable currency, solid infrastructure and an attractive market for foreign businesses. Many EU countries also make it easy to establish businesses by foreign investors without the requirement of local participation in management or ownership.

Many companies, who start with a domicile address will grow in a healthy pace as they make their experiences on the foreign market and learn what works and what does not work. They can avoid long term liabilities of office leases and office equipment investments until they are ready to take the full step into the foreign market.

If you are the owner of a small or medium sized company or if a start-up, you can benefit from the low cost, no investment offered by the virtual office. It is a great way to test the foreign market through a domicile address without risking your business.

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